Non-Gmo Certified Organic Vitamin C

    The source of your vitamin is important, also how it was derived.        Amla tablets are :

a whole food source, meaning it still retains the other parts of the fruit necessary for absorption for example, bioflavonoids. So it has the whole Amla gooseberry in the tablet, plus it was derived without using chemicals. Amla, short for Amlaki, has many traditional uses in India because that’s one place where it can be found. This form of "C" is non-acidic, and works with all three doshas. Anti-oxidant.

Not found in any of the local stores. This product guarantees no GMO; whereas most vitamins carry corn, soy, or gelatin which unless specified chances are they are genetically modified. Altered DNA is indigestible. We need our food to be nutritious, not cheap and oversized.

Say NO To G.M.O.

The Essential Oils

For your medicine bag

A little goes a long way…

High grade

Peppermint COOLING - put on temples for headaches; esp. fever

Tea-tree acne, skin fungus, cold sores, gargle with water, fleas hate it, put in spray bottle with water and disinfect your furniture, air…

Eucalyptus put on bandage wrappings, use in massage oils helps with lungs, therapeutic

And so many more uses

Plus a blend of Tea-tree/Eucalyptus drop into your favorite shampoo, great for your fury companions. Soothing and gets rid of the fleas.

2 in 1 deal.

Flower Essences

A tool to help you through those times when you are stuck and in need of personal growth.

Raise your vibration in order to understand your resistance….release


Suppressed anger, grief, and irritability.


Mental weakness, timidity, easily dominated, feelings of inferiority.


Feelings of alienation, indifference, non-communicative states. In need of positive Involvement in life.


Fear of change


Relief of discouragement, facilitates the letting go of false self-images.


Relief of symptoms related to lack of female expression and acceptance of female Aspect of self.


Relief of symptoms related to feelings of unworthiness, inferiority, and confusion of clarity in purpose.