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Hilo Bob T-Shirts/Hanes or Equivalent/50/50
White with black sleeves, white with storm blue sleeves - Small and Medium;
White, Aqua, black - sizes Small and Medium
White - Medium and Large

Hilo Bob Logo Front - black design


$18.00 each/

$216 Dozen

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Out of state customers, please send $3.00 shipping and handling with this order form to:
 Adah Glasser, PO Box 11187, Hilo, HI  96721.

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Photos taken by Adah in Hilo, Hawaii

Bob eats organic non-GMO meat.  This is best for him and the environment. 
All proceeds go to Bob because dog food is not for dogs, no more than McDonalds is for humans...
Thank-you for helping Bob be empowered thru self-employment.